Install C++ compilers (Windows)

Your computer must have a C++ compiler installed in order to install wetb. Windows users can follow the instructions on this page under the section “14.2 standalone”.

Normal user

You must first have installed a C++ compiler before you can use these commands. See section above.

  • Quick install:

    pip install wetb
  • Install a specific version on PyPI:

    pip install wetb==0.0.21
  • Update an installation to the most recent version:

    pip install --upgrade wetb

NOTE. Dependency conflicts can arise if you do not install wetb into a clean environment. In particular, your installation might break if wetb is installed using pip, and then later packages are installed using conda. (See more details at this article. We therefore recommend that you install wetb in a clean environment.

Advanced user

Clone the repository and install a local editable copy:

git clone
cd WindEnergyToolbox
pip install -e .